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Three Bines Hopped Spirits

about three bines

Humulus lupulus, aka the hop plant, has played an incredibly important role in the history of civilization, helping to save humanity from the brink of extinction on more than one occasion. Hop flowers (or cones) contain natural preservatives and are anti-bacterial, which has made them highly valued over the centuries. But now more than ever, hops have captivated consumer tastes and have become revered for their wide range of unique flavor profiles, tasty bitterness, and bouquet of aromas.

After 15 years of brewing beer together, four cousins in Ohio have set out to be innovators in the world of spirits. Inspired by a palette of 175 varieties of hops, the team has developed a signature blend of hops as well as a unique process to impart hop qualities into their delicious bourbon. The first release from the experimental crew is Three Bines Hop Flavored Whiskey which has been hailed as the "IPA of the bourbon world" thanks to its unique hop character. And now their second release, 12 Spices of Christmas, could be called the "Christmas Ale of the bourbon world", while it adds another incredible dimension to the hopped spirits experience, with it's full array of joyous holiday fragrances and flavors.

~ the ipa of bourbons ~


Grapes grow on vines but hops grow on bines. When planted in threes, hop bines will intertwine to support one another in climbing to heights far greater than each bine could reach on its own. Similarly, Three Bines Hop Flavored Whiskey is a quality bourbon enhanced by three varieties of hops which we add at three distinct times in the production process. That's thrice-hopped. Each hop addition strengthens our spirit’s aromas, flavors and bittering qualities and elevates its complexity on your palate.

Three Hops • Three Times • Three Bines

~ the christmas ale of bourbons ~

12 spices of christmas

Emotions and memories are profoundly attached to our senses of smell and taste. With a careful balance of twelve flavors of the holiday season, 12 Spices of Christmas • Three Bines Spice Flavored Whiskey packs the power to conjure incredibly vivid holiday memories and soothe you with the comfort of a joyous Christmas spirit. It's still thrice-hopped, but it smells like Christmas.


Three Hops - Twelve Spices - Three Bines


3b db • double barreled-stout edition

Barrel after barrel is the approach with our newest entry into our family of bourbons. Three Bines • Double Barreled Stout Edition is our bourbon whiskey interlaced with ingredients traditionally used in brewing Imperial Stouts. We finished this fragrant bourbon in a freshly emptied stout beer barrel. The result is a delicious spirit that balances the nuances of chocolate, coffee, and licorice found in great Stouts and the smoothness of fine American Whiskey.

Three Hops - Two Barrels - Three Bines


more to come

With the refined processes of hopping spirits we've developed over the years, Three Bines will continue to bring you innovated, unique flavor profiles and great new drinking experiences.

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